MSX-DOS2 tools

In the past I've written several MSX-DOS2 tools. Some of them I never released before. I located all sources files, gave most of the some small improvements and added support for Nextor (FAT16) where applicable.


Search - With this tool you can find the location of files on your drive. It doesn't show file sizes and is therefor much faster than xdir.

SplitIt - Splits concatenated DSK images back to single DSK files. Can also extract a single DSK.

SoundChecker - Check the presence of MSX-MUSIC, MSX-AUDIO and OPL4. Environment variables are set with the result of the check.

Dpar - Shows disk information. Includes FAT16 support and disk lock status (Nextor).

Dosscan - Patched version of rowi's DOSSCAN. It now supports FAT16 and Nextor sector reading.