Team Bomba Italo

At the end of 2006, the MSX Resource Center organized a new challenge. The idea was to create some original Italo tunes, on MSX hardware. Of course, Team Bomba was mad enough to participate!

For the few people still reading, here's a nice description of Italo (or better: Italo Disco) for you:

Italo disco is a style of electronic dance music that was popular during the 80s. Though many of the artists came from Italy as the name implies, the term is also used for disco acts in other countries. Italo disco had a more synth pop/electro feel to it than American disco, which had funk and soul roots.

For the contest, both Jorrith and Robert made an Italo tune for the Moonsound with 640kB SRAM. Robert even got so hooked to creating a cheesy Italo disco tune, he later re-created the same song in Reason. You can download both versions here in MP3 format, as well as the original MWM/MWK files.

Oh, and about the logo you can see above: originally, we intended to create a small demo/trackmo for Graphics9000 to accompany the songs we made. Unfortunately, due to lack of time we never got around to that. But it'd be a waste not to show the image on the website!


Here you can download our songs in MP3 format. If you are interested in the original MSX files, scroll down. Also, don't forget to download the remake of Inspiration on Demand made in Reason.

MP3 downloads

MSX downloads

You can use the files below for your real MSX or your MSX emulator. You need a Moonsound with at least 640kB SRAM and a copy of Moonblaster Wave to play back these files.