Novaxis SCISI tools

Back in the day the Novaxis (Gouda) SCSI interface was quite populiar. When most of the Novaxis developers quit the MSX scene I contacted some of them to get some last updates of the tooling. A last minute change was made to MAP.COM and NFDISK.COM to support 32 partitions. There was still a BUG in NFIDSK allocating partions with 4096 clusters which I fixed using a hex editor. The maximum cluster number on a FAT12 should be 4078 resulting a partion sice of 32624KB.

I also developed some tools for the Novaxis SCSI interface which you can download in the download page.


For more detailed information on ViewMSX, just check the readme file in the ViewMSX package. For some nice G9B example files, be sure to check the G9K library section.


NOVAXTAB - With this util you can convert the Novaxis SCSI tabel into the BERT SCSI tabel and back without data loss. This archive also contains a partion tabel save util.

NFDISK - Enables you to make 32 partitions. Fixed the partition size bug and removed Read only attribute of the Volume name.

MAP - Latest version of MAP.COM. Enables you to access 32 partitions.

EJECT - With this util you can park/eject or startup any SCSI device.

CAPACITY - Capacity is a util to get the total size of a SCSI device.

Fast Novaxis ROM - This a special fast Novaxis rom for MSX2/2+ (modified version 1.51) A msx2/2+ with 7.16Mhz can read upto 348Kb/s with this rom. Don't use this on Turbo R, because it will be slower than the normal version. Use at own risk!!!!.