Underwater demo

For the MRC Underwater Challenge, we made a small demo. This demo runs on an MSX2 or higher with DOS2, and needs a Graphics9000. Optionally, for music you will need a Moonsound with at least 256 kB SRAM. The demo can also be installed and started from a harddisk.

Interested already? Grab the demo through the download link on this page! And, of course you can also view a video of our demo, made by the OpenMSX team.


Because not everybody has a Graphics9000, here are some screenshots of the Underwater demo in action. Also, don't forget to have a look at the video of the demo.

screenshot 1 Lots of bubbles floating over our Team Bomba logo screenshot 2 Our new cool Team Bomba logo screenshot 3 The underwater lightbeam screenshot 4 Unfortunately no glowfish in the lightbeam... screenshot 5 Transition to credits part screenshot 6 The credits


Here you can download our Underwater demo. Make sure your MSX has the right specifications (MSX2 with DOS2 and a Graphics 9000, and optionally a Moonsound for music).