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The Woei demo - sourcecode
Added on 19-09-2003
Here you can download the sources for the Woei demo, so you can creatively recycle parts of it for your own scroll & logo demo. If you use code of this, please be so kind to give some credits to Team Bomba tho

MWM replayer
Added on 09-01-2003
This is the modified MWM replayer we're using in Bombaman. This one only uses about 20% cpu time (for 16 channels). Some stuff is missing:

  • this player is based on a relatively old version of the replayer
  • it doesn't support the base frequency at all (which is actually better for games)
  • the gm percussion instrument won't play correctly with notes lower than B3
  • it's missing one frequency table (only Amiga and 44khz tables present, but the missing one can be easily inserted
  • there seems to be some little bug with the X-command, sometimes a channel just stops playing when using it
  • fading support is missing
  • there might be some other small things missing due to the old base source

The code might like a bit messy (not my fault). Anyways, it's faster than the original and that's what counts

Moonsound Sample Library
Added on 14-06-2002
With this utility you can combine multiple wavekits into one file (.msl). The utility will automatically remove redundant samples, making the resulting file much smaller (if you use enough of the same samples in multiple wavekits...). Full source code is included, including assembly code for using the msl file on the MSX.

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