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Bombaman Downloads
This is the place to find Bombaman goodies! Here you can find nice Bombaman stuff like MP3s and downloadable promoversions of the game. Also, here you can get the Bombaman Level Editor. For now, select a category below to download some of the cool stuff we selected for you!
Latest downloads
Bombaman Express Basic Tutorial (Added to Editor on 17-11-2004)
Bombed tutorial (Added to Editor on 15-11-2004)
Bombaman v1.2 update (Added to Other stuff on 21-10-2004)
Bombed - The Bombaman Level Editor (Added to Editor on 07-04-2004)
Bombaman v1.1 (Added to Other stuff on 07-04-2004)

Available categories
Editor (4)
Download the level editor bombed here and grab some documentation!
Utilities (4)
All kinds of miscellaneous Bombaman utilities.
Sourcecode (3)
Here you will find the sources of misc. Team Bomba stuff
Other stuff (9)
Here you can find all stuff that did not fit into any of the other categories
Wallpapers (3)
Here you will find some cool wallpapers for your desktop!
Previous projects (3)
Curious about our previous projects!? You can download some of them here!
Music (13)
Go here to download some cool Bombaman musics!

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