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Bombaman Progress Reports
Here you can read all about the progress we have made in the past few years, when finishing the game! We've worked very hard to make this game one of the best MSX games ever! Every time we finished another part of the game, you can read all about it here!
Progress report from 21-10-2004
  • file selector for custom levels is bug free now
  • custom levels are checked for validity in the level selector
  • it's no longer possible to walk out of the screen
  • explosions can't go outside the screen anymore
  • added key-repeat to all menus
  • some minor translation fixes

Progress report from 04-04-2004
  • added possibility to put items behind 2nd destroyabe brick to editor/game

Progress report from 27-03-2004
  • fixed display bug in multiplayer when slow player got stunned and was on specific offset in pattern
  • fixed small bug in village
  • you can get more than 9 lives, although the maximum number that will be displayed is 9

Progress report from 23-03-2004
  • fixed a bug that caused some display errors when pushing a bomb that had been thrown before (via throw or earthquake)
  • added some filechecks in custom mode

Progress report from 18-03-2004
  • updated Portuguese translation

Progress report from 09-03-2004
  • fixed bug in villages, which made the player move on to the ending sequence

Progress report from 07-03-2004
  • added German translation
  • fixed bug in mp mode related to remote controlled bombs and 'bad status' item

Progress report from 12-02-2004
  • fixed replayer buttons in disco
  • fixed hang after selecting back in custom mode (in DOS2)
  • players respond to diagonal movements too

Progress report from 08-02-2004
  • added 'draw' option to multiplayer mode
  • cleaned up FCB initialisation code
  • fixed bug that caused game to crash on Sony HB700 (and maybe others)

Progress report from 07-02-2004
  • added a french translation
  • players/enemies/explosions can't go outside the screen in custom mode anymore
  • fixed a small bug in the 'back' option in custom mode
  • added ()�� characters to the font, and tweaked a pixel in a japanese charset

Progress report from 01-02-2004
  • fixed display bug in multiplayer mode
  • in custom mode, fields without exit or player can't be played any more
  • fixed some bugs in japanese translation
  • fixed some bugs in portuguese translation

Progress report from 11-01-2004
  • tuned some more bossmonsters
  • fixed disco exit bug in village 2
  • fixed worldmap music bug

Progress report from 07-01-2004
  • added new moonsound s-ram check
  • added exit option to multiplayer
  • fixed password bug
  • fixed enddemo music
  • fixed wavekit bug

Progress report from 02-01-2004
  • added new mini bomb gfx
  • added special object gfx
  • added new multiplayer banners
  • added enddemo
  • created enddemo music
  • added enddemo translations
  • changed enddemo gfx
  • finished final boss music
  • inserted final boss sfx
  • fixed main menu
  • fixed bugs in levels
  • and a lot more that we forgot

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