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About Bombaman
Here's some random stuff about Bombaman. Since we have too much information for you, we just decided to pile all info on this place! Anyways, on this page, you can find information like features of the game, contact information, and profiles of the Team Bomba crew-members!
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Bombaman Express Basic Tutorial
Made especially for the MRC Bombaman competition, this tutorial will teach you how to create your own Bombaman levels in just 10 minutes!
Bombaman features
Check out what cool features this game has to offer!
Member profiles
Read all about the cool guys that are making this game
The history of Bombaman
You can read how all of this started in this text by Arjan
The Making Of Bombaman
A text about the Making Of Bombaman, covering the entire project from beginning to end, made by Jorrith
Previous projects
Some in-depth information and screenshots of some of our previous projects
Contact information
Wanna send us fanmail?!? Get the information here!
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