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Bombaman Links
Here's some links to some random sites. Since we bothered to place these links here, you better visit them!
Generation MSX
The page of our former webhost. Great page containing a lot of MSX information on games, game developers, game translations and game cheats. Really worth a visit!

MesSoft Homepage
Homepage of the coder of Bombaman. Get Fruitland for PC here!!

BiFi's Home Page
BiFi's Home Page, loads of Konami related information, cheats, downloads, and more. Btw, don't forget the MSX-dedicated IRC server

The MSX Resource Center
Great page with loads of news, links and other stuff! Your MSX experience won't be complete without it!

All about Sargon, Defender, MSX translations, etc.

Road Fighter remake
Check out the Road Fighter remake that was made for the remakes competition at remakes.org. Music and sound effects in this PC game were done by Jorito.

SD-Snatcher info pages
Check out these pages made by Ramon Verlinden. Lots of info and maps about SD-Snatcher, don't visit too long or you'll feel like playing SD-Snatcher all over again

Sunrise for MSX
The homepage of the distributors of Bombaman's Deluxe version. They also sell a lot of other MSX hard- and software!

Bombaman review at msx.org
Still trying to find out if Bombaman is worth your time and your money? Read the review of Bombaman at msx.org!

Unofficial Japanese Bombaman manual
Here you find the unofficial (but very cool ) Japanese version of the Bombaman manual. It's different from the official manual, explaining some things more in depth. If you are interested in the Japanese version of Bombaman, please check it out!

Another nice review of Bombaman
And yet another nice review of Bombaman, at Matranet. It's in Spanish, so you might want to read it through Babelfish.

MSX Posse
MSX Posse, forum portal with a Dutch and English forum, downloads, chat and links.

Marcel Delorme's homepage
On the homepage of our newest team member, you can find a lot of software for gfx9000 and moonsound. A must-visit for lucky owners of these cool hardware pieces!

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