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Bitbuster 1.2
Added on 24-11-2003
Bitbuster is a set of tools that can be used to compress files (win&linux versions available) and, of course, decompress those files. There are several decompressors available (win,linux,z80,arm). Files compressed with bitbuster have about the same size as files compressed with POPCOM (another popular tool on MSX), but files compressed with bitbuster can be decompressed much faster plus, bitbuster doesn't suffer from the compression bug POPCOM has. Bitbuster can be used freely (check included lincense) and comes with sourcecode.

Added on 31-08-2003
With viewge5 it's possible to view .ge5 files on your PC (Windows). Using it is pretty simple: just start the program, go to file->open and select the file you want to view. Of course you can also register the .ge5 file format (shift+rightclick, open with, choose program). Source code is included...if some creates a Linux-port, let me know and I'll add it to this package!

MWM Edit mode to User mode
Added on 27-08-2003
With this little tool you can convert MWM songs saved in Edit mode to User mode. Can be quite useful if you want to replay MWM-files in your own program, since these files need to be saved in User-mode. Note: utility hasn't been tested with songs over 16k so it _might_ convert such files inccorectly...

Added on 27-09-2002
Bitbuster is a new set of (de)compression tools for MSX/PC (windows), specially created for Bombaman because POPCOM has some bugs. Compresion-ratio is slightly better than that of POPCOM. Source-code of the compressor/decompressor is included.

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