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About Bombaman
As you might have noticed, Bombaman is a Bomberman clone for the MSX. If you don't have a clue what MSX is, you should look here or here. Back to our story... so... a Bomberman game for MSX?!? Wow, cool! But... what's so special about this one, compared to other Bomberman games on the MSX?! Well, of course we'll tell you this will be the best MSX game ever But to try to convince you of this as well, here's some of the features of the game...
Some features
  • Single player game mode featuring 3 game modes, great graphics, cool bossmonsters, panned soundeffects (MoonSound), great music, hard-to-beat enemies and a cool storyline! Yes, a storyline in a Bomberman game!
  • A multiplayer game mode where you can play with 4 players at once! This can be either human players or computer controlled players. Multiplayer mode contains lots of cool items to make sure of a real deathmatch between you and your opponents.
  • A level editor (for Windows95 and higher only!) to create your own levels for Bombaman. You can upload your levels right here at the Bombaman HQ, and also give ratings to other people's levels! The editor is quite easy to use, and enables you to use all the power of the game in your own creations.
  • Some more features you might be interested in: full harddisk and DOS2 support, sound support for PSG, MSX-Music and MSX-Audio, password mode so you don't have to finish the game at once, and lots of other cool extra's to keep you busy!
Work in progress!
And because we have worked on the game for a long time, we added some new features to the game! For the curious people, here's a small list. But also don't forget to read the progress reports for even more features!
  • Teleports in single and multiplayer mode!
  • A lot of new enemy types
  • New locations, like villages, a shrine and a disco
  • A sample library, to save diskspace and allow us to add more sampled soundeffects
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