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This message was sent by Team Bomba on 28-10-2004
After a long time of preparation, we (Team Bomba) have joined forces with the MSX Resource Center and Sunrise and organized a Bombaman level edit contest! With our editor, bombed and the documents and examples provides, you can use your imagination and creativity to make some awesome Bombaman levels and share them with the world! Of course, it's not for nothing! Apart from the eternal fame, you will also compete for some very cool prizes!

Of course, all entries for the competition will be made available at the Bombaman HQ in the Maps section of the site, so everybody can enjoy them.

Now, let's get started and design some levels! Get the goodies you need to create levels from this page. Good luck!

Re: Join the Bombaman competition!
This message was sent by Arjan on 19-11-2004
And the prizes are...
-Sunrise MSX Game Reader
-MSX Joystick port to PSX controller convertor
-Konami Usas (European version)
-Compile Disc Station #27
-Momonoki House Peach Up #1

I think these are really cool prizes, so you all should get off your lazy asses and starting level editing now!

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