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Previous projects
Bombaman is the first game we're working on with the four of us. However, we have (almost) all worked on other games in the past. So, we know how to make games! On this page you'll find some more in-depth information on the games we already made. Note that not everything is here (because of forgetful people... No Robert, you're not the one we mean here ). Also, we did other stuff than just games too! Think about stuff like musicdisks, diskmagazines, etc...
Beton Vraete
Beton Vraete was made by Hegega especially for the FutureDisk. It's a game in the tradition of Konami's Hyper Sports and Hyper Olympics series (indeed, those games that killed keyboards ). Aim of the game is to run 100 yards, and eat all concrete waiting at the end of the track! Talk about brilliant game ideas! All musics for this game were made by Jorito.
Beton Vraete Introscreen
Black Jack Series
It's a FutureDisk tradition to bring parodies on existing games or situations. The same was the case with the Blackjack series. It all started as a simple bonus for FutureDisk #21 (Blackjack!). Here you can play a simple cardgame against some almost naked chicks. A while later, Black Jack 2 was released, which was a lot better, with better graphics, better photo's and better music (again made by Jorito) and better gameplay. In case you wonder about the name; you play Jack Bergevoet (someone who was closely cooperating with the FutureDisk) and you are playing Black Jack because of some weird storyline that only the FD could think of!
Black Jack 1 Introscreen Black Jack 1 Ingame
Bet Your Life
One of Jorito's very first projects. Right after he started working for the FutureDisk he was contacted by the guys from Hegega to create the music for their new game, Bet Your Life. Bet Your Life is a real action game, based on the Super Nintendo hit Smash TV. You have to beat your way through enormous amounts of enemies in a room without an exit. Of course there's also a 2 player mode for extra fun...
Bet Your Life Introscreen Bet Your Life Introduction
Fruit Land
Fruit Land was made by MrBaker, Jorito and Patrick Smeets way back in 1998 and was released as part of the FutureDisk (a diskmagazine for MSX that's still alive, somehow), edition 38 (Peach Up Edition). Fruit Land is a simple puzzle game in which you have to eat all cherries in order to finish all levels. However, there are several obstacles in each levels, like builders, teleports, moveable blocks and of course annoying enemies. In the MSX-version you get some nice pictures after finishing 5 levels. People who know Peach Up know what I'm talking about...

Fruit Land was first released on MSX. One year later, it was completely rewritten for the PC (DOS). In the year 2001, the game was ported to the Gameboy Advance, just to see how easy it was to program for GBA (quite easy...). You can download the PC and GBA version of Fruit Land in the downloads section.

Fruit Land Introscreen Fruit Land Ingame
Metal Gear Special
Metal Gear Special is a Metal Gear clone specially made for FD39 (Metal Gear edition). This game was made by MrBaker and Jorito. In this game, all FD-editors have been captured by an evil enemy. You are playing Solid Snake and it's your job to rescue them all. The game features some elements of the original Metal Gear, like gas, card keys, enemies and rations.
Metal Gear Special Ingame Metal Gear Special Radio
Sand Stone
An addicting puzzle game made by Compjoetania TNG. Just before the release Jorito got a question from the coder if he please, please, please could make some musics for it, because they still hadn't found anyone to do it! The end result was a very addictive game that reminds a bit of Tetris and Columns, with Egyptian sounding musics and only a few songs due to the ever annoying 'deadline stress'...
An MSX2+ port of the wellknown Sega game Sonic the Hedgehog. Created in 1997 by 2 Spanish MSX freaks, Jorito again did some freelance composing. One of the first games to support the new MSX soundcard, the Moonsound, and as such people still tell him they love those songs! The game itself is otherwise similar to the Sega Mastersystem version of Sonic, both in gameplay and graphics.
Sonyc Ingame Sonyc Ingame
Teachers Terror
The very first game made by Hegega. Aim of the game is to hit as many students as you can in a limited amount of time. Originally Jorito didn't participate in creating this game, but because there was interest for this game outside Holland too, Hegega made a version especially for the Takeru machines (a Takeru machine was a software machine you could find at public places; compare it with candy machines you can find everywhere around). Sadly, when the game was almost accepted by Takeru, the MSX market in Japan collapsed, and the Japanese version of Teachers Terror was never released... This Japanese version did contain musics by Jorito.
Teachers Terror Introscreen Teachers Terror Ingame
Tubby Academy
Tubby Academy was also released as part of a FD-magazine. This time it was edition 40, the retro edition. The game was programmed by MrBaker, Jorito made some hilarious songs and Patrick Smeets managed to rip some graphics to put in the game. The game is a clone of the Monkey Academy, an old game by Konami in which you have to solve mathemetical puzzles by finding the correct number. Only difference is that you're playing as a Teletubby and the puzzles are a bit harder!
Tubby Academy Title Tubby Academy Ingame
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