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Bombaman staff
On this page, you can find some more indepth information on the cool dudes that made this awesome game! If you thought we were making this game just for fun, think again, we're after eternal fame and glory Anyways, below is a list with profiles of the Team Bomba crew, in order of appearance. Have phun with it!
Arjan Bakker
Name: Arjan Bakker
Nickname: Arjan or MrBaker (we're not sure yet; he seems to have some split personality problem)
Age: 24
Location: Hasselt, The Netherlands
Task: Programming
Contact: arjan[at]teambomba.net
More info: He's the creator of both the MSX game and the great level editor for Windows. He's the dude that has to code all the cool ideas we can think of. Poor him...
Jorrith Schaap
Name: Jorrith Schaap
Nickname: Jorito (On MSX previously also known as SoundWave)
Age: 27
Location: Hoogezand, The Netherlands
Task: Music and soundeffects
Contact: jorrith[at]teambomba.net
Apart from creating the music for the game, he's also responsible for the soundeffects. He also draws some of the graphics and did most of the webpage.
Robert Vroemisse
Name: Robert Vroemisse
Nickname: YUM (sometimes also known as Aleste)
Age: 27
Location: Deventer, The Netherlands
Task: Graphics
Contact: robert[at]teambomba.net
More info: The great graphics for this game were made by him. He's also responsible for the layout and graphics of the manual and packaging. Apart from drawing great graphics he's also a good composer, and composed some great tunes for the game!
Jesús Pérez Rosales
Name: Jesús Pérez Rosales
Nickname: [DK] (informally also named monkeyman)
Age: 22
Location: Málaga, Spain
Task: Leveldesign and gameplay
Contact: donkeyrol[at]teambomba.net
More info: Besides creating most of the levels, he also is responsible for the gameplay and a lot of new cool ideas for the game! He's the one responsible for the major improvements in gameplay and for the nightmares of Arjan . He also made lots of cool stuff for King's Valley II, Eggerland's Mistery, Tako And Ika, Akanbe Dragon and Leprechaun.
Marcel Delorme
Name: Marcel Delorme
Nickname: MsD
Age: 27
Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Task: Programming
Contact: m.delorme[at]teambomba.net
More info: Actually, Marcel didn't do a thing on Bombaman! He was adopted by Team Bomba to help out on our next project because he's very familiar with the GFX9000 we will use in our next game! He's also the person that took over MBWave and MBFM, so he will probably help out with Moonsound coding as well
Ofcourse, we can't do a project this big all by ourselves! We have quite a lot of people that help(ed) us in one way or another, mostly the people from #msx. Here's a small list of people we want to thank for their help and support:
  • Tristan 'OmegaMSX' Zondag for assisting us with the music for the game and making some great tunes for it!
  • Francisco 'Saeba' Alvarez for beta-testing, promotion in Spain and getting the monkeyman to join Team Bomba
  • Frederik 'Chaos' Boelens for beta-testing and creating some levels
  • Saku'Stt' Taipale and
  • Hans HansO Otten for betatesting
  • And finally Sandy 'Sylvester' Pleyte for beta-testing and hosting our site... make sure to visit his site, Generation MSX, coz it's cool!
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