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Bombaman - Express Basic Tutorial
This tutorial, which will let you MAKE A BOMBA LEVEL IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES (including this reading), has been designed just for people who want to develop levels quickly and don't want any advanced tips as the Tutorial bombed editor gives you.

Please move your ass and get the Bomba CD. I wait..............................

Oh, how fast you are! Yupz, that's the CD. Now, explore it and execute bombed.exe. Yeah, that's the editor.

As easy as it gets!
Just a few tips! Try them now, it will only take about 15 seconds to do each of the steps below

Go to options > Editor settings. And tick the double size button.

  • Think about the level: put the player at the beginning point, and the exit (third row, first squared pattern) at the end one. Now place the enemies. One to five.

    Easy? I told you!

Start a level with a player position, an exit and some enemies

One step at a time
  • Look at the first row. All those patterns are the same: you can walk over them. They are not solid. They just add nice graphics if you want! Now, look at the big amount of patterns below. All of them are solid, you can't walk over them. They are solid. Cool, huh?
These boots were made for walkin'
  • Now construct a couple of paths from the player to the exit. Or maybe three. Never place 4 'walkable' patterns (first row) forming a square together. That's all! Remember the enemies must also fit in the draft

Decorate the level a bit with some nice stuff

  • Complete the level, if you want, with the last kind of patterns on the third row: They are solid but can be exploded by putting bombs. And try the items on the second row: Have a bomb more (second one), have a bigger explosion (third one), lack of bombs temporarily (sixth one)... Two or three kinds in a level may be enough!

Add some explodable blocks to the level

Nearly there...
  • Now switch to the menu. Edit > level settings. The exit will appear if you kill all the enemies (goal). Or... (have a look). Set the time and choose the physical appearance of the enemies!

Nearly there... let's tune the settings a bit!

The final step!
  • LAST ONE! Edit > Enemy settings. Set the speed of the enemies and their AI. Wall hitter = silly, random walker = unexpected. Bomb avoider & player searcher = evil. Bomb eater = general madness!

Final stuff: time to make this level really nasty

Famous last words
Now, save the changes and save that *.bls file in your MSX Bomba disk. You need to complete the final step: testing your creation

As you see, a *.bls file can have till 10 levels. The Bombaman contest only requires 5 to participate! Isn't it great? Look at the editor, under the menu, the arrows will let you choose among level 2, 3, 4 or 5! And who knows, maybe more if you fancy

Finally, look at the arrows over the patterns. Click them, the world changes, but everything is the same.

Have a look at the rest of the documentation available (editor manual, extended tutorial) in our download section for further/expert edit movements.

© 1999-2004 Team Bomba