Whoa, what is this place?! This, my friend, is the place where you can read all about Team Bomba and its products. Our claim to fame is the game Bombaman (old site here). If you want to find out where the name Bomba comes from, or want to find out more about our game Bombaman and to see who we are, you can check the pages below.

It's time to add a short explanation for the occasional visitor. We are a small MSX software development group that is creating games and demos for this oldskool homecomputer. We finished our first big game, Bombaman, and for that game, our team was called Team Bomba. We liked the name enough to stick with it!.

What'd we do?

Of course you might be interested in the stuff we do or did. Nowadays, we're not that active, but whenever the combination of spare time and inspiration hits again, we will add some new stuff here. For now, you can find a small list of the things we wasted our time on below, in random order.

Bombaman Extra Ammo

This is what it all started with! We are proud of Bombaman, our Bomberman clone for the MSX2 and higher. We're so proud of this game that we decided to make it freeware, so more people can enjoy it! Check out the special Bombaman Extra Ammo edition and all the extra goodies you can download here.

GFX9k Lib

Here you can find Marcel's GFX9k Lib. This library provides a basic set of routines that are very useful for people who'd like to develop their own GFX9000 programs. We used it in our Underwater demo and are using it in Blox as well.

MoonBlaster Wave

Here you can find MoonBlaster Wave. MoonBlaster Wave maintenance was taken over by Marcel, and you can find the latest version here, including drivers, some wave kits and revision notes.

Magic MWM replayer

Magic MWM replayer is the first MWM Replayer for the GFX9000. Magic allows you to continue most of your "normal" MSX applications and also some games while playing a song. Magic runs completly on the interrupt of the OPL4.


Our latest Team member, t00b, made a cool image viewer and movie player for Windows. Want to be able to view any existing MSX image on your PC? This is the app you want!

Underwater demo

We made a small Graphics9000 demo for the MRC Underwater Challenge. You can read more about it on our Underwater page.

Woei demo

While we were developing Bombaman, we read a forum topic on MRC about the oldskool scroll & logo demos from the early MSX scene. Because we needed a break, we created a simple demo. The result? The Woei demo, after our team yell: WOEI!


Team Bomba's new game project was Blox, a port of a Flash game called Blox Forever. The game is developed for the gfx9000 and will support Moonsound with 256kB SRAM.

Team Bomba Italo

For the MRC Italo challenge, we made some cheesy Italo tunes. Here you can download the MP3 files and the original Moonblaster files of our entries. You can also download a special Reason remake.

Novaxis SCSI tools

Various tools for the Novaxis SCSI interface

MSX-DOS2 tools

Various tools for MSX-DOS2 and Nextor

Team Bomba consists out of the following persons:

Coding: Arjan Bakker, Marcel Delorme, Tobias Keizer
Graphics: Robert Vroemisse - Music: Jorrith Schaap - Gameplay: Jesús PérezRosales