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Bombaman Express Basic Tutorial
Added on 17-11-2004
Made especially for the MRC Bombaman competition, this tutorial will teach you how to create your own Bombaman levels in just 10 minutes!

Bombed tutorial
Added on 15-11-2004
A tutorial for Bombed made by our level designer. Read it for some interesting facts about Bombaman and level design! Also, don't forget to download the tutorial levelset from the maps section.

Bombed - The Bombaman Level Editor
Added on 07-04-2004
Here you can download the Bombaman Level Editor, called Bombed. You can use the editor to create your own cool levels for Bombaman, which you can play in the game. Don't forget to read the documentation first

The editor has been updated to fix some very minor issues. Please get this updated version to solve any issues you might have.

Bombed manual
Added on 11-01-2004
The manual for Bombed. Even if the editor is not hard to use, make sure you read it first for some handy things about Bombaman!

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