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Bombaman movies @ youtube
This message was sent by Arjan on 24-12-2006
I've uploaded a couple of movies to youtube, so everybody who still hasn't bought bombaman can check out what the fuss is all about


We moved!
This message was sent by Team Bomba on 19-12-2005
After years of being accessible to all our fans, we decided to move our Bombaman HQ a bit. Because the plan was to make teambomba.net the main entry point for all our things, the Bombaman HQ has moved! From now on, you can reach the site through http://www.teambomba.net/bombaman/. The old domainname will expire on the 27th of January, so from that day on, the only way to access the site will be through this updated URL. Please update your bookmarks accordingly!

Bombaman Level Edit Challenge - Results!
This message was sent by Team Bomba, last reaction on 23-01-2005
Today, the final results of the Bombaman Level Edit Challenge have been posted on the MSX Resource Center. The results are:
  1. (Not) my cup of tea by Vincent van Dam
  2. Thousand bombs and grenades by Frederik Boelens
  3. BiFi's Bombamania by Albert Beevendorp
  4. YUM's levels - Part II by Robert Vroemisse
  5. Atlantis by Albert Beevendorp
  6. YUM's levels by Robert Vroemisse
  7. Bombaman Levels Set 5 by Robert Wilting
  8. Nyyrikki's levels by Nyyrikki (note: this is the updated version, not the one that was rated for the contest!)
  9. Bombaman Levels Set 2 by Robert Wilting
  10. Bombaman Levels Set 3 by Robert Wilting
  11. Bombaman Levels Set 1 by Robert Wilting
  12. Bombaman Levels Set 4 by Robert Wilting
  13. Bombaman Levels Set 6 by Robert Wilting

All entries can be downloaded from our Maps section, or from the downloads section of the MRC.
For more details, check this newspost on the MRC. And of course, don't forget to read the rest of this post (press the read more link below) for some photos of the winners!

Bombaman update released!
This message was sent by Team Bomba, last reaction on 07-01-2005
After quite a long wait, we finally managed to release the updated version of Bombaman! Biggest highlight in this new version is the inclusion of 2 new translations, those being the French and German version. Thanks go to Benoît Delvaux and Paul Schaerer for their great work! Also, quite a lot of bugs were fixed in this version, and some other things got tuned a bit to make the game even better! Check out the progress page to see what things have been changed.

Finally, also the editor got a minor update, it'll be worth the download! You can get these goodies in our download section or by using the direct links here.

Download the Bombaman update or the updated editor here.

Join the Bombaman competition!
This message was sent by Team Bomba, last reaction on 19-11-2004
After a long time of preparation, we (Team Bomba) have joined forces with the MSX Resource Center and Sunrise and organized a Bombaman level edit contest! With our editor, bombed and the documents and examples provides, you can use your imagination and creativity to make some awesome Bombaman levels and share them with the world! Of course, it's not for nothing! Apart from the eternal fame, you will also compete for some very cool prizes!

Of course, all entries for the competition will be made available at the Bombaman HQ in the Maps section of the site, so everybody can enjoy them.

Now, let's get started and design some levels! Get the goodies you need to create levels from this page. Good luck!

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