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Bombaman Progress Reports
Here you can read all about the progress we have made in the past few years, when finishing the game! We've worked very hard to make this game one of the best MSX games ever! Every time we finished another part of the game, you can read all about it here!
Progress report from 28-12-2003
  • converted all music for world 6 to mbm
  • created and converted watcha's theme
  • finished multiplayer song 3

Progress report from 27-12-2003
  • added translations for last boss
  • converted music for world 5 and 6 to mbm
  • boss names will be displayed before the boss fight

Progress report from 25-12-2003
  • added dutch translation

Progress report from 24-12-2003
  • updated leveldata
  • added new levelselector graphics
  • display password info
  • added lots of translations
  • added mbm music for world 3

Progress report from 23-12-2003
  • updated PSG sound effects
  • removed unused events from village 1
  • updated songs for 2nd world
  • updated textfiles for water shrine
  • added animations to 2nd boss

Progress report from 22-12-2003
  • finished end demo gfx
  • created new level select gfx

Progress report from 22-12-2003
  • updated credits graphics
  • updated maga village
  • updated water shrine

Progress report from 21-12-2003
  • added worldmap to game
  • improved exit handling in villages
  • added watershrines
  • compressed gamecode
  • inserted lots of translated texts
  • fixed one pixel in font
  • updated multiplayer item graphics

Progress report from 19-12-2003
  • translated texts for first village
  • updated gameplay for some bossmonsters

Progress report from 17-12-2003
  • hopefully fixed japanese translations

Progress report from 12-12-2003
  • inserted translations for the introdemo and part of the first village
  • inserted music for villages
  • changed animation speed in volcano

Progress report from 11-12-2003
  • finished village songs
  • converted village songs to mbm

Progress report from 08-12-2003
  • updated portrait graphics

Progress report from 07-12-2003
  • updated introdemo graphics
  • updated fonts
  • updated levelgraphics
  • updated enemygraphics
  • updated boss graphics
  • updated statusbar graphics

Progress report from 02-12-2003
  • created a tool to do some preprocessing on MWM file before actually converting them to MBM files
  • converted intro music to mbm

Progress report from 30-11-2003
  • created credits part for enddemo

Progress report from 29-11-2003
  • added exit option to villages
  • auto-start introdemo after 30 seconds
  • removed unneccesary files from disk B
  • improved disk swap handling in disco's (when a file is not on the current disk)

Progress report from 15-11-2003
  • included all new multiplayer graphics in the game
  • fixed player control in multiplayer mode
  • removed some annoying clicks in opl4 music

Progress report from 10-11-2003
  • all multiplayer gfx reworked for brighter/happier palettes

Progress report from 06-11-2003
  • added support for 16 and 24 channel musics to opl4 replayer
  • made a font for the credits page

Progress report from 03-11-2003
  • updated easy and normal levels

Progress report from 02-11-2003
  • updated text handling to support compressed textdata
  • compressed all textdata

Progress report from 01-11-2003
  • compressed all leveldata

Progress report from 29-10-2003
  • finished storyline!
  • updated all player colors

Progress report from 28-10-2003
  • implemented new score board
  • fixed bug that caused a player to sometimes put a bomb down at the start of a battle

Progress report from 22-10-2003
  • moved around some single player graphics
  • updated levels
  • really fixed problem with player input now
  • fixed display of chance of items appearing

Progress report from 21-10-2003
  • fixed bug that caused crash in singleplayer mode when pressing M key

Progress report from 20-10-2003
  • created graphics for introdemo
  • created new graphics for scoreboard
  • updated cursor animation in menu's
  • made a start with musics for the introdemo

Progress report from 17-10-2003
  • fixed bug that caused steering devices could only be used once in a multiplayer battle

Progress report from 14-10-2003
  • improved appearance of levelset selector
  • added check for ESC key in a few menu's

Progress report from 13-10-2003
  • converted some music from mwm to mbm

Progress report from 05-10-2003
  • finished password system

Progress report from 03-10-2003
  • optimized some enemy code for speed&size
  • changed loading screen graphics
  • changed main menu font graphics

Progress report from 02-10-2003
  • improved input accuracy
  • player should release firebutton if he wants to put another bomb

Progress report from 30-09-2003
  • finished designing first village
  • put first village in the game (there still have to be villagers though...)

Progress report from 29-09-2003
  • sped up the bitbuster decompressor

Progress report from 25-09-2003
  • added borders to the main menu's
  • added cursor animation to menu's
  • added sfx to earthquake item in multiplayer mode
  • added demo mode to multiplayer mode

Progress report from 24-09-2003
  • added msx version check (msx2 or higher)
  • added ram size check (128k at least, 160k for DOS2 support)
  • added vram size check (128k needed)
  • added TPA size check
  • added support for external memory mapper for Turbo R
  • set default multiplayer background graphics to 1 instead of random
  • made logo fade in when booting Bombaman
  • put updated levelsets in game
  • put new font in game menu's

Progress report from 19-09-2003
  • fixed bug in MWM replayer that caused some notes to be cut off, sometimes

Progress report from 11-09-2003
  • added new enemy gfx to game
  • updated multiplayer background graphics
  • fixed bug with detecting SRAM size on 7Mhz
  • stopped all OPL4 music channels after exiting Bombaman

Progress report from 07-09-2003
  • fixed font bug in multiplayer mode
  • fixed background gfx/palette bug in multiplayer mode
  • reworked multiplayer gfx
  • added last enemy gfx for world 6
  • changed menu font and added animation

Progress report from 06-09-2003
  • updated font in multiplayer mode
  • added bgm song in multiplayer mode
  • fixed stupid bug (forgot to actually create a variable)
  • added option for random selection of background graphics in multiplayer mode

Progress report from 01-09-2003
  • updated loading graphics

Progress report from 30-08-2003
  • added support for MoonSound with 256KB SRAM
  • set bordercolor back to black when being defeated by boss monster / giving up when the border color wasn't black
  • changed multiplayer graphics
  • fixed bosskit.mwk
  • adapted game over music for bosskit.mwk

Progress report from 29-08-2003
  • reduced size of all MWM files
  • put the updated wavekits in the game
  • load default wavekit when returning to main menu after a boss battle
  • fixed bug in multiplayer graphics arranging code
  • updated multiplayer levelgraphics

Progress report from 28-08-2003
  • created a tool to reduce the size of MWM files

Progress report from 27-08-2003
  • created a tool to convert MWM files from edit to user mode

Progress report from 26-08-2003
  • made the options on the outside in the main menu darker using colorsplits

Progress report from 26-08-2003
  • fixed small bug in area selection

Progress report from 25-08-2003
  • music: finished music for boss 6

Progress report from 20-08-2003
  • load all multiplayer level graphics in memory instead of loading new gfx when changing backgrounds

Progress report from 14-08-2003
  • updated Team Bomba logo
  • improved computer AI in multiplayer mode

Progress report from 13-08-2003
  • fixed bug that caused game to hang when removing a bomb that was being destroyed by a wall
  • changed pattern to area in field menu
  • added ESC key to escape from singleplayer game / multiplayer menu
  • changed song for title song, again!

Progress report from 10-08-2003
  • in multiplayer mode the player in the topright corner sometimes didn't have enough space to detonate bombs

Progress report from 08-08-2003
  • added prebuild levels with items to multiplayer mode

Progress report from 05-08-2003
  • switched back to old boot method because newest one doesn't work with DOS2

Progress report from 04-08-2003
  • created new bootsector

Progress report from 03-08-2003
  • changed behaviour of stun player item

Progress report from 02-08-2003
  • fixed some little bugs

Progress report from 22-07-2003
  • added support for AZERTY keyboard layout (untested yet)

Progress report from 15-07-2003
  • stopped OPL4 sound generation after exiting the game
  • added typing sfx to the password screen

Progress report from 14-07-2003
  • shifted up splash screen a few pixels
  • implemented loading/saving of game settings
  • fixed bug that made game hanging while pausing and returning back to the game immediately after the game starts
  • swapped up/down in screen position adjust screen
  • added guide markers in screen position adjust screen
  • changed style of main menu

Progress report from 13-07-2003
  • added splash screen
  • cleared keyboard buffer before entering password system
  • accidently swap parameters for difficulty/objects
  • fixed password check
  • added manual screen position adjust
  • added soundchip selector

Progress report from 12-07-2003
  • added proper menus
  • added password input system
  • restored set adjust setting (vdp r #18) after finishing earthquake effect
  • fixed buttons presses in disco

Progress report from 07-07-2003
  • added three new items to the multiplayer mode (bad status, stun, random)

Progress report from 05-07-2003
  • fixed bug in opl4 samplekit loader
  • changed music in title screen
  • added bootup via bootsector

Progress report from 03-07-2003
  • removed stupid bug in opl4 sfx player (changed ld -> out)
  • disabled keyclick
  • fixed interrupt troubles (hopefully!)
  • fixed graphical glitch in 3rd boss

Progress report from 01-07-2003
  • menu music is being stopped now when starting multiplayer battle
  • fixed putting bombs on screen too quickly
  • removed screen flicker when loading multiplayer
  • add possibility to go back to main menu from multiplayer menu (2nd fire button)
  • removed some redundant code

Progress report from 01-07-2003
  • made border color black again in multiplayer

Progress report from 24-06-2003
  • game: put revised easy levels in game
  • game: divided resources over 2 disks and coded disk swap stuff

Progress report from 10-06-2003
  • game: added new multiplayer backgrounds to game

Progress report from 09-06-2003
  • game: made more gfx for multiplayer levels
  • game: restyled levels for single player mode

Progress report from 03-06-2003
  • music: combined all wavekits into one big kit
  • music: converted music for the new wavekit

Progress report from 29-05-2003
  • multi: added 2 new items (to replace two old items)

Progress report from 03-05-2003
  • game: improved multiplayer mode a LOT!

Progress report from 29-04-2003
  • game: fixed shooters in boss for world 6

Progress report from 22-04-2003
  • game: finished the disco (you can listen to all songs here)

Progress report from 12-04-2003
  • music: fixed loading .mbk
  • game: added new background graphics to multiplayer

Progress report from 08-04-2003
  • game: boss for world 4 finished!

Progress report from 25-03-2003
  • game: boss 4th world nearly finished!

Progress report from 18-03-2003
  • editor: improved handling of putting patterns in level
  • editor: added debris when inserting new destroyable block
  • editor: added shadows to walkable patterns under items/bricks
  • editor: added option to automatically update shadows after each action

Progress report from 13-02-2003
  • editor: fixed small bug regarding putting cells in a level while moving the mouse and pressing the left mouse button

Progress report from 09-02-2003
  • homepage:released the new homepage!
  • homepage: added making of text
  • homepage: fixed some bugs

Progress report from 06-02-2003
  • game: added support for walkable cells appearing after getting items/gemz/destroying bricks

Progress report from 01-02-2003
  • game: added extra layer for walkable cells to game

Progress report from 30-01-2003
  • editor: now it's possible to put walkable cells behind items/gemz/destroyable walls

Progress report from 23-01-2003
  • homepage: improved layout
  • homepage: fixed some bugs
  • homepage: adapted Making Of Bombaman text to layout

Progress report from 22-01-2003
  • game: fixed boss hit sfx

Progress report from 21-01-2003
  • homepage: improved layout

Progress report from 20-01-2003
  • game: updated sfx for bossmonsters 1-6

Progress report from 17-01-2003
  • music: changed bosskit a bit

Progress report from 03-01-2003
  • website: fixed progress page
  • website: fixed screens page

Progress report from 02-01-2003
  • game: finished 2 boss monsters
  • game: updated boss for clouds world
  • game: introduced villages!
  • game: can talk with people in village

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