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Bombaman Progress Reports
Here you can read all about the progress we have made in the past few years, when finishing the game! We've worked very hard to make this game one of the best MSX games ever! Every time we finished another part of the game, you can read all about it here!
Progress report from 28-12-2001
  • game: added boss monster Gunner Mk. I
  • game: added boss monster Gunner Mk. II

Progress report from 16-12-2001
  • editor: adding gfx to editor is easier now
  • editor: put 9 new enemies in editor
  • game: put 9 new enemies in game

Progress report from 11-12-2001
  • homepage: added bombaman promo to download section

Progress report from 10-12-2001
  • homepage: added new download

Progress report from 04-12-2001
  • graphics: Another dimension finished
  • graphics: Gunner Mk I -codename Kitty- finished
  • graphics: Monster portrets finished
  • graphics: Shape Shifter finished
  • graphics: First village finished
  • Story: YUM started to write the story "first version"

Progress report from 30-11-2001
  • game: FINALLY it works on TR
  • music: created song for water shrine

Progress report from 13-11-2001
  • graphics: finished game over sequence.
  • music: converted 14 songs to mbm format

Progress report from 08-11-2001
  • graphics: started to draw continue/game over sequence.
  • graphics: Aztar Fortress cells finished. must design enemies though

Progress report from 03-11-2001
  • engine: bugfix timer display
  • engine: inserted 'loading' screen

Progress report from 01-11-2001
  • music: finished first song for Aztar's Fortress

Progress report from 30-10-2001
  • homepage: added some wallpapers for download

Progress report from 27-10-2001
  • homepage: added new downloads
  • homepage: added rating system to downloads
  • homepage: expanded the about page
  • homepage: added a page with info about previous projects
  • homepage: added new (better) screens

Progress report from 24-10-2001
  • graphics: volcano inferno world finished!

Progress report from 17-10-2001
  • homepage: official release of the Bombaman HQ!

Progress report from 16-10-2001
  • homepage: preview version online!
  • homepage: fixed mouseover image of about
  • homepage: some minor cosmetic and functional changes
  • homepage: added graphical smileys

Progress report from 15-10-2001
  • homepage: created about page
  • homepage: made download page dynamic
  • homepage: several small bugfixes

Progress report from 12-10-2001
  • fm: fixed samplekit loading bug
  • opl4: fixed panning settings when quitting game
  • opl4: removed 50/60 hz speed code
  • sfx: wait until psg sfx finishes playing before loading from disk
  • editor: changed 'Ruins' to 'Forbidden Ruins'

Progress report from 24-09-2001
  • levels: made levels correct
  • single: fixed enemy loading

Progress report from 23-09-2001
  • game: should work perfectly on turbo r now
  • editor: new enemy for clouds-level
  • editor: updated editor manual
  • single: new enemy for clouds-level
  • boss: updated foe1.mwm (correct speed now)

Progress report from 21-09-2001
  • editor: CTRL+C/V to copy/transfer levels
  • editor: last exit is automatically removed when putting a new one in the level
  • single: finished 10 levels to show off on Bussum

Progress report from 20-09-2001
  • opl4: updated music Clouds, Robot, Intro
  • text: updated text-engine

Progress report from 16-09-2001
  • colission detection aztar's robot/bullets/mines/own bombs

Progress report from 15-09-2001
  • boss: aztar's robot mines move!

Progress report from 07-09-2001
  • opl4: sound off during loading samplekit
  • boss: sfx when firing bullets/lasers/etc
  • boss: finished aztar's plane!
  • boss: aztar's robot can fire bullets

Progress report from 06-09-2001
  • loader: samplekit-load entry added

Progress report from 04-09-2001
  • boss: colission detection with bullets/lasers aztar's plane
  • boss: fixed small bug when displaying conversation player/boss

Progress report from 03-09-2001
  • boss: bosses working again with new loader
  • boss: updated bullets/lasers/projectiles aztar's plane & robot
  • boss: colission detection with aztar's plane

Progress report from 02-09-2001
  • GBA: GBA Bombaman promo

Progress report from 01-09-2001
  • editor: error message if gfx-file can't be loaded

Progress report from 31-08-2001
  • editor: updated manual

Progress report from 30-08-2001
  • gfx: removed shade from clouds-level, added new patterns in greek flooded garden
  • what's new: replaced 'FutureDisk' with 'Team Bomba'
  • ideas: replaced 'FutureDisk' with 'Team Bomba'
  • filelist: replaced 'FutureDisk' with 'Team Bomba'
  • editor: new option to fix all shadows at once
  • editor: F12 = Save As, F1 = help (as soon as helpfile is available)
  • editor: changed some texts
  • editor: bugfix loading last edited levelset
  • editor: 'finished' manual
  • loader; removed MSX-version check
  • loader: removed several messages

Progress report from 29-08-2001
  • editor: started with the manual
  • single: fixed display of number of lives
  • gfx: changed level graphics so empty patterns are black
  • editor: bugfix, screen is now built correctly after loading new levelsets

Progress report from 19-08-2001
  • engine: destroying items now always works
  • game: works completely on turbo r again

Progress report from 14-08-2001
  • game: new intro screen
  • game: now works on turbo r
  • game: it's possible to go back to DOS after multiplayer game
  • editor: made musics for levels selectable
  • single: music now level-dependant
  • single: improved loading times
  • single: different enemy-dead soundeffects
  • single: possible to select player color
  • single: go back from level selector with second fire button
  • made list of description of filenames
  • changed diskspace estimate of files
  • single: disabled code for throwing/kicking bombs
  • single: made password screen available again

Progress report from 09-08-2001
  • game: opl4 samples now work again on moonsounds with 128kb

Progress report from 04-08-2001
  • editor: changing enemies in level-settings now works correctly
  • single: fixed colors of big numbers
  • single: printing of separator between big numbers fixed
  • single: printing of number of lives added

Progress report from 04-08-2001
  • single: scores are now printed
  • hopefully fixed crashing on some MSXes (not...)

Progress report from 03-08-2001
  • editor: added new enemies
  • editor: made editor more flexible
  • single: added new enemies
  • single: level-selector now always shows numbers
  • single: disappear animation now works

Progress report from 26-07-2001
  • single: made level selector (crashes with unplayable level!)

Progress report from 25-07-2001
  • single: changed item placement
  • game: fixed shade routines
  • single: programmed extra items
  • single: loaded enemy gfx
  • single: player gfx are now crunched
  • single: added primitive status bar
  • single: fixed level clear animation
  • single: copied number on top of levelgfx with startlevel

Progress report from 24-07-2001
  • multi: new status bar
  • game: crunched player gfx
  • multi: crunched multiplayer gfx (trophies, etc..)
  • single: changed/crunched status bar
  • single: changed/crunched numbers for start level (eg. 3-6)
  • game: fixed order of graphics of levels 4/5/6
  • game: changed shade routines to work with the new order of the gfx
  • game: changed/crunched enemy gfx
  • editor: bugfix enemy gfx select
  • editor: adapted enemies to enemy gfx

Progress report from 22-07-2001
  • game: drawings for text engine added
  • game: wait animation in text engine
  • game: text speedup with 2nd firebutton in text engine
  • boss: aztar's robot is visible and is cleared properly

Progress report from 21-07-2001
  • game: added jorito's font
  • game: cleaned up text engine mess

Progress report from 18-07-2001
  • game: created simple text engine

Progress report from 17-07-2001
  • boss: boss can fire bullets
  • boss: boss can fire laser
  • boss: boss colission detection with explosions
  • boss: boss uses fire animations
  • boss: boss can do a half dive

Progress report from 15-07-2001
  • editor: added clouds level
  • boss: sped up boss routines

Progress report from 13-07-2001
  • boss: aztar's plane moves left/right and down/up

Progress report from 12-07-2001
  • editor: made 'drawing' possible with LMB
  • editor: pattern/enemy selection can be changed with cursor keys
  • single: collect gems/destroy gems game modes implemented

Progress report from 11-07-2001
  • boss: finished bosses print/remove routines
  • boss: aztar's plane moves (now for the shooting and the AI )

Progress report from 10-07-2001
  • single: no more bomb throwing/kicking/remotes
  • single: bugfix enemy collision detection
  • single: bugfix player/enemy placement
  • boss: created boss level aztar's commando
  • gfx: changed boxx gfx aztar's commando and reordered them
  • gfx: added extra patterns to ruins
  • editor: bugfix repaint window

Progress report from 09-07-2001
  • editor: level & gfx type are now printed next to appropriate controls
  • editor: changed height of editor
  • editor: changed background color

Progress report from 08-07-2001
  • editor: enemies can be cleared with the del key
  • editor: viewable focus on selected item
  • editor: finished editor settings menu
  • editor: settings are loaded/saved

Progress report from 06-07-2001
  • single: enemies change direction when encountering a bomb
  • game: small bugfix when throwing bombs
  • single: player dies when hitting enemy
  • editor: zoom function, enemy settings, level settings
  • editor: editor settings menu

Progress report from 28-06-2001
  • game: enlarged size of playable level with 2 patterns
  • editor: adapted editor to use the larger levels

Progress report from 20-06-2001
  • changed location of items
  • editor: loading of GE5 files possible

Progress report from 18-06-2001
  • game: new game mode, collect gems
  • editor: started coding it

Progress report from 01-06-2001
  • game: splitted engine in a single and a multiplayer engine

Progress report from 25-05-2001
  • game: started splitting game engine into single and multiplayer engine

Progress report from 12-05-2001
  • added dos2 support. at least it works in the emulator

Progress report from 04-05-2001
  • removed timeout of slow shoes
  • music can now use modified romtones
  • music can now use X modulation (normal modulation shouldn't be used anymore!)
  • divided multiplayer menu into 2 parts
  • new option in multiplayer menu: timer on/off
  • new option in multiplayer menu: song selection (only one song for now )

Progress report from 03-05-2001
  • MSX version check
  • memory Check

Progress report from 02-05-2001
  • changed fade routine to use different pallettes
  • changed lights at score board
  • places score board a bit to the right
  • new introscreen
  • slow shoes now timeout after 10 seconds

Progress report from 01-05-2001
  • player 2 now is yellow in stead of blue
  • fixed colors of fire and ice
  • spinning thropy now works correctly

Progress report from 30-04-2001
  • bugfix: turned r800 back on if it was on before (forgot to turn on the light)
  • bombs can now be kicked up
  • new level: fire and ice
  • pallette routines: now the correct pallette is chosen with the background
  • edges of ready...fight now black

Progress report from 20-04-2001
  • added lights to score board
  • better gfx for players
  • multiple level selection in multiplayer game

Progress report from 17-04-2001
  • turned back on the r800 when leaving the game (if it was on before)
  • changed music with start game

Progress report from 14-04-2001
  • added shade to blocks
  • changed status bar
  • more multiplayer levels

Progress report from 13-04-2001
  • animating cursor
  • draw text copied over level + fade on draw game
  • removed separate draw screen
  • helmets in status bar now red in stead of gray
  • status bar now green in stead of purple

Progress report from 11-04-2001
  • inserted new samplekit

Progress report from 09-04-2001
  • status bar in multiplayer mode (incl. sad faces if player is dead)

Progress report from 08-04-2001
  • new scoreboard title
  • new trophies + rotating trophy at score board
  • ready... fight! with music on start of battle

Progress report from 07-04-2001
  • esc key now always works correctly
  • copy of numbers with win match now works
  • new victory screen
  • fotograph effect with victory screen
  • sfx explosion small bomb is played at a higher frequency
  • player can kick bombs up

Progress report from 06-04-2001
  • a LOT!

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