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Bombaman Progress Reports
Here you can read all about the progress we have made in the past few years, when finishing the game! We've worked very hard to make this game one of the best MSX games ever! Every time we finished another part of the game, you can read all about it here!
Progress report from 29-12-2002
  • music: finished music for boss 5
  • game: added graphics for world 5
  • game: redesigned some levels to look better

Progress report from 23-12-2002
  • boss: changed graphics for boss 3
  • boss: the small enemies with boss 6 can be killed now

Progress report from 15-12-2002
  • boss: fixed weird bug causing player to die with boss 5
  • boss: fixed music for boss 3

Progress report from 14-12-2002
  • game: game works on TR again
  • game: implemented explosion effect
  • graphics: created shrine world/village
  • game: changed level for boss 5

Progress report from 10-12-2002
  • music: changed gunfire soundeffect
  • music: added another enemy hit effect
  • music: added throw soundeffect
  • music: added even more soundeffects

Progress report from 04-12-2002
  • music: added teleport soundeffect
  • music: changed item pickup soundeffect

Progress report from 29-11-2002
  • music: finished game music for world 5
  • music: finished game music for world 6
  • music: created boss approaching song for boss 5 and 6

Progress report from 25-11-2002
  • editor: added bonus world to the editor

Progress report from 16-11-2002
  • game: fixed bug with destroying gems mode
  • game: saved some diskspace by storing levelgraphics more efficiently

Progress report from 04-11-2002
  • game: boss intro text will be shown only once now
  • game: fixed weird noises when loading samplekit
  • game: show loading screen when loading samplekit
  • game: optimised some code for speed/size
  • game: bomb timer is started when the owner of a bomb dies and had the ability to manually detonate the bomb
  • game: fixed some small bugs which didn't allow the multi player version to compile

Progress report from 29-10-2002
  • music: finished boss #5 approaching song
  • sound: changed item pickup effect and added teleport effect

Progress report from 25-10-2002
  • game: added lots of Japanese texts!

Progress report from 20-10-2002
  • game: added new explosion gfx
  • game: added sound effects to text engine
  • game: F5 returns to main menu during game
  • game: screen is cleared while pressing F1/F2/F5 during game
  • game: finished graphics for bonus world
  • game: added portuguese boss texts

Progress report from 14-10-2002
  • game: added pause-option
  • game: added special object stuff
  • game: added proper continue stuff

Progress report from 12-10-2002
  • game: implemented Kinsoku Shori in text engine
  • game: implemented question-mode in text engine

Progress report from 09-10-2002
  • game: players can pick up items again in multiplayer mode

Progress report from 07-10-2002
  • game: fixed teleporting death bug

Progress report from 06-10-2002
  • music: made boss defeated song
  • game: inserted spanish and italian boss texts
  • game: implemented bitbuster in the game
  • graphics: made new explosions
  • graphics: made graphics for secret world
  • graphics: added japanese characterset

Progress report from 14-09-2002
  • game: fixed slowdown when hurting 3rd boss
  • game: added text-clear effect to text-engine
  • game: finished 4th boss monster
  • game: added boss intro tunes
  • game: added boss defeated tunes
  • game: POPCOM is buggy
  • game: fixed slowdown in text-engine

Progress report from 15-08-2002
  • game: level clear music plays a bit longer
  • game: fixed bug when entering teleport
  • game: 3rd boss doesn't slow down any more
  • gfx: new loading screen
  • general: game shouldn't randomly crash when decrunching songs

Progress report from 13-08-2002
  • music: finished 2 boss approaching songs
  • music: finished MWM music for first 4 worlds

Progress report from 10-08-2002
  • game: added 'time up' message
  • game: joysticks can be used to play the game
  • game: colission detection is less strict now
  • general: changed loading screen

Progress report from 05-08-2002
  • music: finished second song for the first world
  • music: finished boss song for the first world

Progress report from 01-08-2002
  • game: fixed graphical bugs after entering exit
  • game: fixed graphical bugs after killing boss

Progress report from 01-08-2002
  • game: added world/level display in top-right of screen

Progress report from 27-07-2002
  • game: removed a nasty bug that prevented to play levels after finishing off a boss monster
  • game: we've got five worlds up and running now

Progress report from 23-07-2002
  • homepage: added 2 new downloads

Progress report from 15-07-2002
  • game: fixed player/boss drawing priorities
  • editor: fixed menuitem file->new
  • gfx: drew some new graphics for 2nd village
  • gfx: arranged village/disco graphics for in-game use

Progress report from 13-07-2002
  • editor: added enemy names to resources
  • editor: fixed swap levels feature

Progress report from 09-07-2002
  • game: fixed last enemy
  • game: rearranged boss graphics so I can start coding bosses
  • editor: added option to register filetype .bls
  • editor: updated manual

Progress report from 08-07-2002
  • music: converted more songs from MWM to MBM

Progress report from 04-07-2002
  • game: updated cloud graphics
  • game: arranged final boss graphics for use in game
  • game: graphics for worldmap ready

Progress report from 03-07-2002
  • game: finished bossmonster for another dimension (and it's tough!!)

Progress report from 21-06-2002
  • game: updated teleporter graphics

Progress report from 10-06-2002
  • homepage: added 2 new downloads to music

Progress report from 03-06-2002
  • game: fixed Destroy gems mode
  • game: fixed Collect gems mode
  • game: added Destroy & Collect gems mode
  • editor: added Destroy & Collect gems mode
  • manual: added some more info

Progress report from 03-06-2002
  • homepage: released new homepage with lots of new stuff

Progress report from 31-05-2002
  • game: fixed last two enemy AI's
  • game: stopped sfx when time is up
  • editor: removed 2nd separator in file-menu when there are no recent files

Progress report from 29-05-2002
  • finished tool to create sample libraries
  • finished sample library loader

Progress report from 16-05-2002
  • tool to merge .mwk files almost ready
  • homepage v2: added background grid image
  • homepage v2: added browse option to screens page
  • homepage v2: added history page to about page
  • homepage v2: general cosmetic fixes

Progress report from 13-05-2002
  • homepage: improved layout... v2 coming soon, waiting for new gfx!
  • homepage: lots of bugfixes (not online yet)

Progress report from 30-04-2002
  • game: added a new boss monster!
  • editor: levelset can be dropped on the application to load them

Progress report from 19-04-2002
  • editor: fixed menu layout

Progress report from 15-04-2002
  • game: fixed new enemy

Progress report from 11-04-2002
  • game: fixed updating shadow
  • game: made invisible player visible after dying
  • game: fixed reducing time
  • game: added new enemy type
  • editor: fixed loading when executing editor by double-clicking on levelset
  • editor: fixed trying to load a file at startup when there's no file in recent file list
  • editor: items under bricks are now printed in order brick/item to avoid confusion between some items
  • editor: changed window size so more stuff is visible in 1024x768 when using double size mode
  • editor: updated manual
  • gfx: removed redundant graphics from levelgfx used in singleplayer mode only
  • gfx: fixed explosion graphics in Volcano world

Progress report from 07-04-2002
  • editor: fixed teleporter/enemy placement bug
  • game: fixed teleport deletion bug
  • game: added sfx when entering teleport

Progress report from 04-04-2002
  • game: added teleports to multiplayer game
  • game: fixed little up/down bug in titlescreen
  • graphics: moved some graphics around
  • editor: added section about teleports

Progress report from 03-04-2002
  • editor: fixed flickering when editing level
  • editor: removed multiplayer levels
  • editor: cleaned up some code
  • editor: inserted new items

Progress report from 03-04-2002
  • game: added teleports to singleplayer mode
  • game: added some new items
  • game: random bomb timer in multiplayer mode

Progress report from 02-04-2002
  • editor: fixed little graphical glitch when using double size mode
  • editor: added teleporters to the editor
  • game: started coding teleporters

Progress report from 01-04-2002
  • graphics: added 3 new items
  • graphics: added teleport
  • graphics: fixed bridges in another dimension

Progress report from 30-03-2002
  • editor: added more enemy AI
  • editor: added level swap option
  • editor: added little splashscreen
  • game: added more enemy AI
  • game: fixed player searcher enemy
  • game: fixed enemies that can go through walls
  • game: fixed enemies deletion after finishing a level

Progress report from 28-03-2002
  • game: fixed little gfx error
  • game: fixed blowing up items
  • game: fixed world/level gfx display
  • game: don't display insert disk after loading a levelset when the correct disk is already inserted

Progress report from 27-03-2002
  • game: fixed bomb eating enemies, they're eating bombs again!
  • editor: it's possible to drop a levelset on the executable now

Progress report from 26-03-2002
  • editor: fixed some memory leaks
  • editor: added shortcut keys for selecting levels
  • editor: updated and fixed manual

Progress report from 23-03-2002
  • editor: added recent file list to menu

Progress report from 16-03-2002
  • editor: fixed 'Correct shadow' menu option
  • editor: updated manual to include latest features

Progress report from 15-03-2002
  • homepage: added new member [DK] to about and frontpage

Progress report from 14-03-2002
  • graphics: enhanced all levels with new stuff

Progress report from 09-03-2002
  • game: player always starts with small bomb now
  • game: exit can be placed on all walkable patterns
  • editor: changed editor so that exit can be placed on walkable patterns
  • game: improved disk menu for loading own levels a little

Progress report from 08-03-2002
  • game: added a filemenu to let other people load their own levels

Progress report from 06-03-2002
  • game: fixed stupid bug regarding counting gems

Progress report from 02-03-2002
  • game: fixed blowing up shadows
  • game: added level start/level end musics

Progress report from 26-02-2002
  • music: finished song for volcano inferno

Progress report from 16-02-2002
  • game: working on DOS2/TR now!
  • editor: changed some minor stuff regarding items under brick
  • editor: no shadow under destroyable gem anymore

Progress report from 15-02-2002
  • editor: gems can be put behind walls
  • editor: time for a level can be set from 0:30 to 9:59

Progress report from 13-02-2002
  • music: finished song for greek gardens

Progress report from 09-02-2002
  • game: removed random items from single player mode
  • editor: add option to editor to put items behind bricks
  • editor: updated editor manual

Progress report from 27-01-2002
  • fixed small bug in level editor
  • added three more levelgraphics to the editor

Progress report from 23-01-2002
  • graphics: finished 2 villages and the disco.

Progress report from 18-01-2002
  • fixed level selector

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